Announcing BYOB (Bring Your Own Bucket)

Starting today, all SendSafely Enterprise customers have the option of going BYOB, short for Bring Your Own Bucket (probably not what you were thinking). With BYOB, all encrypted files and messages are stored in an Amazon S3 bucket that you own and manage instead of using our S3 storage facilities. This means is that you have full access to your data files store at all times, and can even control the policy we use to delete items. Want to keep deleted items forever? No problem! With BYOB, you call the shots.  

If you are an Enterprise Admin and are interested in going BYOB, contact to enroll. Once enrolled, you will need to configure an API Key and API Secret that has read and write permissions to your S3 bucket. We will even walk you through the process of getting that set up and configured if you haven’t done it before.  

Topics: New Features