"Hello World"

Hi Everyone! Today marks the official launch of the SendSafely Blog. I’m Brian, one of the co-founders of Gotham Digital Science (also known as GDS Security) and the SendSafely team lead. Our new service, SendSafely, grew out of our need at Gotham Digital Science to securely communicate with our clients. Like many information security teams, we were used to juggling a combination of PGP keys, password-protected zip files and SFTP logins. This was often a cumbersome and laboring task, which detracted from our service and client relationships. We searched for a way to easily send and receive files securely without the requirement of keys or installing software. We wanted a well-designed browser-based application that took both security and user experience seriously. We wanted a service that worked for our clients and us. We couldn’t find one… so we developed the platform that we’ve now released to the public as SendSafely.

If you haven’t tried us out, I encourage you to sign up for free and take us for a test drive. Our goal is to become the standard for secure file transfers. We aren’t a Dropbox replacement, nor do we aim to be. Think of them as the mini-storage unit you rent every month to hold onto all of that extra stuff you own. Instead, think of us as the FedEx or UPS of the digital world. If you want to send something important to someone else, and you want to get it there fast and securely, then come to us.  

All right, enough about our new service, what I really want to talk about is our new blog. We’ve learned a lot while building SendSafely and we want to share our insights with the rest of the security and development community. Our team will be using this blog to post about the challenges we’ve faced while building and running a secure and scalable cloud application platform. Our goal is to not only talk about what we’re doing, but hopefully find out what others are doing to solve the same challenges that we face. In case you didn’t know, our platform uses a lot of new technologies…from Amazon Web Services and Gluster FS on the back-end, to HTML5 and Content-Security Policy on the front-end.

In addition to sharing our learning experiences, we’ll occasionally be posting about new features that we roll out within our platform. But we promise to try and leave our used car salesman suit in the closet when we do (no offense to any used car salesman who may be reading this, we love you!). Stay tuned for more updates, and tell us what you think of SendSafely…we’re all ears! You can reach us at info@sendsafely.com or feel free to post your comments right here on our blog.