Data Privacy: Isolated Geographic Hosting

sendsafely_regional_isolation_EU_US_AU_mapWith the increased focus on data privacy and security worldwide, many countries now regulate the use and protection of personal data through federal and state laws. A number of these laws and regulations require careful consideration of data sovereignty, or where in the world data is transferred, stored and processed.

SendSafely has a number of isolated geographic hosting options available to Enterprise customers to support compliance with applicable data protection laws and regulations.

Data Center Isolation

SendSafely is a cloud platform hosted in Amazon AWS data centers. The global footprint of AWS allows us to provide top system performance and availability regardless of user location as well as support for data center isolation within a specific geographic region. SendSafely has full tech stacks available in the following geographic areas:

  • USA
  • Europe
  • Australia

Enterprise Customers can elect to have their entire SendSafely instance and infrastructure isolated to one of the above geographic locations (including DR and backup instances).

File Storage Isolation

SendSafely utilizes Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) for the storage of all end-to-end encrypted files and messages transferred using our service. Enterprise Customers can elect to use an Amazon S3 bucket for encrypted file storage in any Amazon data center location worldwide. Customers can also utilize their own S3 bucket for file storage. Please note that with this option, SendSafely infrastructure remains hosted in one of the Data Centers listed above.

Isolated geographic hosting is a premium feature available with the SendSafely Enterprise license. For more information on how SendSafely can help you comply with local data privacy laws and regulations, please contact us.


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