Contact Groups: Streamlined Access to Frequent Recipients


Do you use SendSafely to send files or messages to the same group of people on a frequent basis? If so then you'll love our new feature, called Contact Groups, that lets you easily manage lists of recipients to streamline the sending process.

You can create a Contact Group for internal teams, external distribution lists, or any other group of people you communicate with regularly. Contact Groups are created and managed in your SendSafely Profile.

You can add your first new Contact Group by following these steps:

  1. Navigate to: Account Menu > Edit Profile.
  2. Give your Contact Group a name and press  Add New Group
  3. Enter the email address of your first group member and press Add User

Repeat step 3 for each new member of your group. If you have a large number of users to add, you can paste up to 50 email addresses at a time.  

Create Contact Group.png
Once you've created the Contact Group, you can add the group as a recipient to any items you send. Just enter the Contact Group name in the Add Recipient field on the Send Items page as shown below (you can also add groups to an existing item from the item's Status screen).
Send Item - Contact Group.png


Enterprise Contact Groups

For SendSafely enterprise customers, Contact Groups can also be defined at the organization level and made available for use by all users within the company. Enterprise Contact Groups can be viewed and managed from the SendSafely Enterprise Console (requires company administrator permissions). 


For more information or questions regarding SendSafely Contact Groups, you can email our support team at