Automated expiration and deletion of sensitive data is one of the best, yet most often overlooked security controls an organization can use to protect itself and its customers. The absence of this control has been highlighted repeatedly in the continuing trend of high profile security incidents. Put simply, sensitive data that no longer exists cannot be accidentally exposed by employees, leaked by insecure partners or vendors, or stolen and ransomed by malicious hackers. 

SendSafely makes it easy to control how long sensitive data is available, and therefore potentially at risk, before being automatically expired and deleted. 

  • SendSafely portal administrators can enforce platform-wide min and max expiration settings across their entire user base to align with company compliance requirements. After this pre-defined expiration period, the link to access sensitive data is disabled and recipients can no longer view or download the contents. Five days later, the data is deleted and is no longer accessible by the sender, recipient, or anyone else! 
  • Package level expiration settings allow individual employees to make good security decisions in real time when sending or receiving. The individuals handling sensitive files often have the best understanding of their content and how long and how often the receiving party should have access. Employees can control expiration in days (within organization enforced settings) and even limit how many times files can be downloaded, providing an enhanced level of protection for the most sensitive data.
  • SendSafely's data expiration and deletion includes our popular customer support platform integrations like Zendesk, Freshdesk and Salesforce. SendSafely customers no longer have to trust or rely on these SaaS ticketing systems to expire and securely delete data - SendSafely controls the data lifecycle directly.

Good security controls help minimize the blast radius of future security incidents. Appropriately implementing data expiration and deletion can help protect against breaches affecting your company directly or your software vendors. Organization wide enforcement, along with tools allowing employees to make good security decisions when handling sensitive data are two of the most powerful and easiest to implement controls at a company's disposal. 





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