Delivery Notification Enhancements

new-email-notificationWe've recently updated how senders get notified when recipients view an item for the first time. Senders will now get a delivery notification email when each recipient on a secure package has viewed or downloaded all items in a package. Previously, the delivery notification email was only sent once ALL recipients on a package had viewed  the items.

This more precise notification method makes it easier to keep track of the delivery status of a package, especially packages with multiple recipients. Just like before, the delivery notification email contains the recipient email address, a listing of each file and/or message, the timestamp and IP address. The notification is only sent the first time a recipient accesses the package (not every time). 

Delivery Notification

Senders who do not want to be notified can manage their delivery notification preference from the SendSafely Edit Profile screen.

Edit Profile - Delivery Notification






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