Export to zip from your SendSafely Workspace


Exporting a large number of files from a SendSafely Workspace just got easier. Multiple files and folders can now be downloaded as a single zip file that retains the original file and folder structure.

To the left of each file and folder there is a checkbox that, when checked, exposes the "Download" option at the top of the screen. When this option is clicked, all selected files and folders (and any sub folders) will be exported to a zip file that gets saved to your local machine.  

Select Folder - Download Workspace

Just like other Workspace downloads, progress is tracked on the "Transfers" tab. You can abort an in progress download by clicking on the X next to the green progress bar.

Transfers Tab -Workspace Download-1

Use the check box next to "Home" on the top left corner of the screen to select all of the files and folders in the current directory. If you choose this option within the root folder of the Workspace, the entire Workspace contents (all files and folders) will be downloaded. 

For more information on downloading multiple files and folders at once, consult our Help Center Article on this topic. 




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