Have you ever wanted to DM a password, API key, or other sensitive data to a colleague over Slack? Our new SendSafely Slack app combines the convenience and efficiency of Slack with the protection of SendSafely's end-to-end encryption.

Our new Slack App lets you safely share secrets over Slack using a simple slash command. Once an Admin has installed SendSafely for Slack in your Slack Workspace, any SendSafely user can send a secure message by typing "/SendSafely" into any DM or channel. This slash command posts a private message back to you with a direct link to encrypt a message for the channel using SendSafely.

Encrypt Message with SendSafely 2

After clicking the link, you can add a secure message (password, API Key, etc.), choose whether to authenticate recipients and/or enforce access limits. 



Clicking the Post button encrypts the message and sends a secure link to the channel. Messages automatically expire after 24 hours.



Channel members can access the secure message by clicking the SendSafely link that gets posted to the channel.

Link Posting




The first time you launch the SendSafely for Slack app, you will be asked to grant limited Slack permissions to SendSafely. SendSafely uses these permissions to authenticate recipients. If you deny this request, you can still use SendSafely but the recipient verification option will be unavailable. 




Installing the SendSafely for Slack App 

SendSafely for Slack is currently in Beta and is not yet available in the Slack App Directory. SendSafely Administrators can install the app directly from the SendSafely Apps and Integrations page as shown below.

A link to the Apps and Integrations page can be found in the top right corner of the SendSafely screen when you click on the badge containing your initials. You must be an Administrator in your Slack Workspace and in SendSafely to complete the installation.




If you would like to learn more about our new Slack App, or to request early access to this new feature, please success@sendsafely.com. 





 SendSafely: Encrypted File Transfer for Modern Business 

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