New formatting for SendSafely Zendesk ticket links

zendesk_updates-1Our Zendesk Sidebar App now includes the option to automatically add hyperlinked text instead of an un-formatted SendSafely URL when agents send outbound files to users. This neatly formatted link enhances the visual appearance of the ticket reply when viewed by the customer.

The hyperlink option is available to all SendSafely enterprise users with the SendSafely Zendesk App installed.  To turn on this feature navigate to Manage Apps (under Settings) then select "Change Settings" on the SendSafely App. Check the box next to the "Insert a hyperlink to access files instead of a URL." option.  Make sure to click "Update" to save your changes.SendSafely Agent App Settings PM

Once enabled, the old behavior of adding an un-formatted SendSafely Link is replaced with adding a text-based hyperlink that simply says "Use this link to access the attached files". 

Old Behavior (un-formatted SendSafely Link)

Insert Link - Fully keyed Link PM

New Behavior (text-based hyperlink)

Insert Link - hyperlinked PM

An overview of our Zendesk integration and instructions on how to install/setup each component can be found in our Online Help Center.



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