Advanced Privacy for Extra-Sensitive Files


SendSafely now offers a suite of features designed to provide advanced data privacy when sharing extra-sensitive files. These features are offered together as part of our Advanced Privacy Bundle, which is an upgrade available to SendSafely Enterprise customers.

The Advanced Privacy Bundle includes the following features. Click on each feature to learn more about how it works. 

  • Restrict File Save and Print - Prevents recipients from downloading or printing shared images and PDF files. This feature can be enabled for both outbound file transfers and inbound Dropzone uploads
  • Recipient Access Limits - Limits the number of times each recipient can access shared items. After the limit is reached, that person's access is immediately revoked.
  • Document Watermarking - Discourages unauthorized distribution of shared files by watermarking the recipients email address across PDF and image files. 
If you are a current Enterprise customer and would like to enable these features for your SendSafely portal, please contact your SendSafely Account Representative or email



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