A New Look For the Enterprise Console


The Enterprise Console has been redesigned for easier navigation and use. Admins can now quickly jump to their desired management function using new left aligned menu tabs. We have also added a new portal Profile, providing admins information on their licensing, hosting and domain settings.

In the new layout, each section of the Enterprise Console is grouped in its own tab on the left hand side of the screen.

Enterprise Console - Profile


The administrative functions located in each menu section as are follows:

Menu Functions
Users Registered User Listing
  Add/Invite New Users
  Deactivated User Listing
Profile Licensing
  Data Hosting
  Domain Settings
Activity Search Package Activity Search 
Configuration Site Configuration Options
  Color Scheme and Logo
  Authentication Providers
Reports Activity Dashboard
  Admin Reports
Contact Groups Manage/View Enterprise Contact Groups


The new Profile section displays the following portal details:


  • Plan: Your current SendSafely plan
  • Payment terms: Monthly pay-as-you-go or annual pre-pay
  • User licenses: Purchased, in use and remaining

For more information on plans, please see our plans and features.

Data Hosting

  • Database location: AWS datacenter where your portal is hosted
  • File storage location: Files are replicated between these AWS S3 file storage locations for availability and performance

Further detail on hosting options can be found here.

Domain Settings

  • Custom Portal Host Name: The custom portal URL, hosted in your own domain.
  • Custom Notification Mail From: SendSafely notification emails are delivered from this email address instead of notifications@sendsafely.com.
  • Domains allowed to register: A user must have an email address in one of these domains to be eligible to register an account in SendSafely.
    • Optionally, Admins can be authorized to send registration invites to individual users with email addresses outside of these domains.

To make changes to any profile settings, please contact support@sendsafely.com.





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