Authenticator App Support for Two Step Authentication

Authenticator Banner-1SendSafely now has enhanced support for our two-step login feature that allows you to use a mobile authenticator app for generating authentication codes. Until now, the option to protect your account using two step authentication has relied exclusively on SMS. With this latest update, you can now use a variety of authenticator apps to generate authentication codes directly on your mobile device using Google Authenticator, Duo Mobile, Authy or  Windows Phone Authenticator. 

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Workspace Notifications for New and Updated Files

email-notificaiton-headerSendSafely Workspaces is a secure collaboration feature available with the Enterprise version of SendSafely that allows you to create and share file repositories with support for folders and file versioning. Now workspace collaborators have the option to turn on Workspace Notifications to receive email updates on activity occurring within each shared repository.

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Voting for CyberSecurity Excellence Awards Now Open


SendSafely has been nominated for the 2019 CyberSecurity Excellent Awards in the category of Secure File Transfer. The Awards honor individuals, products and companies that demonstrate excellence, innovation and leadership in information security. 

You can read our nomination and give us a "Thumbs Up" here.

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Building a Custom Web Form with End-to-End Encryption


If you need to collect sensitive data from customers, like social security numbers or credit card information, using a web form can be an attractive option. Using web forms, however, can present a serious exposure to you and your customers if you do not take adequate steps to secure the information from unauthorized access. This blog post will explain how to use the SendSafely Dropzone API to build a web form that uses end-to-end encryption for protecting submitted data.

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Dropzone Management for Enterprise Admins


The SendSafely Dropzone is one of our most popular features - a simple and secure file drop that allows your customers to easily upload sensitive files and confidential documents. Until now, only the SendSafely user who owns the Dropzone was able to manage configuration settings and the list of users who have access to uploaded files. 

As our larger customers began to deploy and manage multiple Dropzones within their organization, it became evident that we needed to provide a more streamlined and centralized way to administer Dropzone recipient lists and configurations. With our latest Dropzone API update, SendSafely enterprise administrators can now manage any Dropzone in their SendSafely portal. 

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Updates to Zendesk Agent Sidebar App

zendesk_updates-1We recently released two note-worthy updates to our SendSafely for Zendesk Agent Sidebar app. The app now supports rendering of encrypted messages (text) that is submitted by the user and more granular control of outbound files. Both new features are accessible to all SendSafely enterprise customers and are summarized in this blog post. 

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Updated Package Notification Preferences


Many users have asked for the ability to suppress the package expiration and download notifications that SendSafely emails when items you send are downloaded and/or expire. In order to address this, we recently added the ability for users to opt-out of these notification emails by updating their SendSafely profile. 

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Connecting your SendSafely Dropzone to Slack

Slack + Zapier-1In a previous blog post, we reviewed the basics of connecting the SendSafely Dropzone to Zapier using a simple action (sending an email) for each Dropzone submission. If you are not already familiar with SendSafely's Zapier app, we strongly encourage you to read it before continuing on.

In this follow up post, we present a more complex Zap that connects the Dropzone to Slack. We will be adding a Zapier Action that sends a message to a specific Slack Channel every time a new item gets submitted to the Dropzone. 

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SendSafely Dropzone  - Now Speaking Your Language


SendSafely is used by thousands of people all over the world to submit sensitive files every day. In order to better support customers across geographical and language barriers, we are rolling out the first phase of a long-term initiative to enable support for multiple languages across the SendSafely platform. We decided to start with our most frequently used component, the SendSafely Dropzone. 

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Encrypted File Exchange for Salesforce Service Cloud


SendSafely is excited to announce our newest platform integration - SendSafely for Salesforce Service Cloud. Organizations that use Service Cloud can now securely exchange inbound and outbound files with the added security and peace of mind of SendSafely's end-to-end encryption. 

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